Financial Services Executive Mentoring

What was the problem?

Significant organisational change, need for high performing leadership.

During a period of transformation and cost reduction it was essential to retain key talent with the capability and resilience to lead through change.

Senior leaders were under a lot of pressure and there was significant flight risk. As part of the executive talent and succession strategy, plans were put in place to invest in key talent- mentoring was a central feature of that investment.

The Hanya way. . .

  • We focussed on driving performance and capability of their key leaders.

  • We matched their leaders with key coaches to simulate improved contributions and performance.

And the Results…?

  • Differentiated performance and improved leadership capabilities.

  • Many of the key talented leaders successfully moved to stretch roles.

  • Extended network of leaders created and supporting each other.

  • Retention of key talent through sense of high value and support.

  • Enterprise ownership of talent and coaching across the leadership team.

  • Deeper systemic learning across the extended leadership and key talon community.