Utilities IT Performance Improvement

What was the problem?

The supply contract was coming up for renewal and this coincided with the appointment of a new senior management team and a sharp decline in the vendor’s perceived performance.

The new management team cancelled the contract signing and told the vendor to significantly improve service and prepare to exit.

The Hanya way. . .

  • We created tough open dialogue and joint working.

  • We facilitated a series of rapid interventions that stabilised the service delivery issues and implemented our approach to build alignment, collaboration, and outcome management. Through this the client and vendor agreed a joint plan of attack to build medium and long term improvement.

And the Results…?

Real trust and actions emerged.

  • Immediate stability to the production service resulting in (an 21% improvement in key service metrics).

  • The renewal was signed giving a value of over £75M to the vendor. The relationship was sustained and the vendor ended up being the preferred candidate across a range of IT activities.

  • An increase in Client Satisfaction of 25%.

  • The new performance management framework was extended to all of the client’s suppliers to manage service and change across all of the client’s IT activities.

  • Trust was built across the senior stakeholders.